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Why salespeople don’t like CRM – how to overcome objections

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CRM apps and programs are a relatively new development in the field of sales and in the business world. While they’ve had plenty of time to prove their usefulness by allowing businesses to streamline their activities, metrics and outcomes, there are still many companies that have stayed away from adopting CRM software. Here are a few reasons why and how to overcome them.

A lack of awareness

A lot of top management and heads of departments are not aware of the benefits of adopting a CRM app. Many of them see a basic spreadsheet or a cluster of poorly organised emails as good enough and wouldn’t consider changing tried and trusted methods. There isn’t much time and/or consideration given to thinking out of the box, progressively and given our current global economic conditions, most bosses just want to play it safe.

Keeping things easy and the same

Front-end teams generally work away from the office and their desks. Many of them have different methods of keeping connected with the rest of the team, their data and desktop, including phone calls and emails. Some are even convinced that there’s no better way to do it than what they’ve practiced. What they fail to see is how an efficient CRM app can not only have them always connected, but can integrate all their communications, data, contacts etc into a single location that can be accessed on their phones, anywhere and at any time.

It’s a hassle to learn new practices

Sales teams already have a lot of work to get to, targets looming over them and clients constantly contacting them. It would seem counter-productive for them to have to add, learning a whole new system, into their busy schedules. Executives and management are sometimes happy with things just the way they are. What they do not realise is how much more efficient they would be with a robust CRM app. Many such apps and programs these days are easy to learn, intuitive and come with helpful training materials like videos and one-on-one chat sessions.

This could affect my work life

Some employees and even management feel that having a CRM that records all their daily work actions is a bit like having someone constantly looking over their shoulder. It can seem daunting when you are suddenly asked to reveal your location during work hours, what clients you’ve contacted and how your monthly performance is rated against colleagues or competitors. However, this also brings about a level of accountability that could help identify problematic clients, processes and how to fix them. It can help promote those who are high achievers and assist those having trouble with their tasks.

As employees and management come to terms with the usefulness and reliability of a robust CRM app, such as Digiteam – SalesARM, they will find it harder to justify their current practices and procedures which may not be as effective as CRM. The end goal of a business is, as always, to generate profits and if there is any way a business can improve its profits, they should act upon it and implement it. If you’d like to see your company performance rise along with customer and staff satisfaction, then send us a message and a Digiteam – SalesARM team member will get in touch with you.

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