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7 Amazing Ways for Employee Recognition

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An employee is the heart of every business. A good employee constitutes an asset of a company. A satisfied and engaged employee would not only bring in positive energy in the workplace, but also help in increasing the company’s profit and sales through effective services. Having an employee who is uninterested or lacks positive energy will drain out positivity from the workplace and from other colleagues as well. An engaged and well-motivated employee is an enhancement that is what a company needs to keep its business going. The employees in an organization who feel that they have a positive personal rapport with their management are more likely to be engaged with the work that they are doing. Along with that, employees would also feel appreciated when they or their work get noticed and recognized. This not only encourages constructive employee engagement, but also increases productivity in a company. At digiteam, we bring you effective and fun sales gamification for sales teams through which you can enhance your company’s engagement and give better recognition to those performing well. Here is a list of few amazing ways through which you can give recognition to your employees and boost their confidence.  

Give a Token of Appreciation

Whenever an employee gets a mail or a token of appreciation from their managers and coworkers, they will realize that their daily performances are being noticed. When the management plans to deliver the ‘Employee of the Month’ award, they have to be specific as to why such employee deserves it that could be either written out or publicly explained during the monthly team meeting. In this way, other employees would get a chance to learn from it, and work for the next month. The employee who wins will be glad that the company recognizes them, and will be delighted that their work was noticed and appreciated. In this way, he/she will perform even better the next month.

Make Work Fun and Interesting

Through this gamification for the sales team, you will now be able to make their task more interesting and send your token of appreciation online. Through this, you will not only be able to motivate the employees but will also be able to increase their productivity. You can use leader boards, start challenges, and give instant recognition to create a high-performance culture among your team. With this method, you can also track where your team members are lagging behind, and can help them focus on the right areas.

Give It to the Team Spirit

Apart from announcing employee of the month, management could also reward the team that has accomplished or worked well together. Even a simple reward as lunch with the management, shopping vouchers, or even handing out movie tickets to them to enjoy together after work and bond on a personal level out of the workplace can build better friendship, create a better working environment, and most importantly, a better company. This will encourage the employees to work together as a team and not just as an individual all the time.

Start an Employee Appreciation Agenda

The management of a company could start an appreciation program for the employee that shows positive qualities at the workplace. Various points could be awarded to the employee for performing simple tasks like assisting their colleagues with their punctuality, dedication or any other qualities. The points collected after the end of the week or month could be used for offering small prizes like shopping vouchers, a half hour early leave one day, etc. Practicing such a positive employee recognition program can strengthen employee engagement and build a better team.

Recognize Personal Accomplishments

Recognizing a personal accomplishment can mean a lot to an employee. Employees will appreciate it when management recognizes their personal accomplishments. Starting from donating blood, to getting the keys to their new house, or maybe welcoming a new member in the family, if an employee is getting noticed out of the workplace, makes the employee feel appreciated and overwhelmed. If a manager can take out a little time to acknowledge these personal accomplishments, employees will not feel that the management’s only concern is about work, but they also appreciate about the employee’s activities out of work.

Interest towards A Personal and Professional Development

Interact with the employees to know their personal dreams and interests. Provide support to them in achieving what they are opting for. This could be done by sending them emails about their goals, assisting them in accomplishing their dream faster, etc. The employees will appreciate your interest and guidance in achieving their dreams given by their management.

A Thank You Doesn’t Hurt

Create a positive environment so that employees don’t feel nervous when called upon by the management. If you would be having a short 10 minute chat with them and telling them what a great job they have been doing would make them feel at ease and even motivate them to work hard even more.

There are plenty of ways through which the management can show the employees the recognition that they deserved. A small gesture of a thank you, or an online token of appreciation through gamification for sales teams, it all just takes a few minutes to make someone’s day.

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