Seamless Data Integration Using Mobile Sales Management Tool

Seamless Data Integration Using Mobile Sales Management Tool

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Mobile sales management is all about managing sales activities and collaborating with sales teams easily on mobile devices. This sales enablement on Smartphone and tablets allows sales teams and managers to carry out important tasks, share and exchange information in real-time, and easily integrate dashboards with reports and data to make them accessible to everybody using the tool. Using a mobile sales app with integrated CRM functionality keeps you connected with your team wherever you are, and helps you carry out sales wherever you go. Thus, a mobile sales management app like Digiteam can solve greater purposes than just improving sales numbers and business growth.

Using a mobile sales management tool can help your business in a number of ways. These include:

Access reports and data on your mobile devices

You don’t have to visit your office to access and view reports or update sheets after a day full of meetings. A mobile sales management tool like Digiteam can keep you updated on what’s happening in your business and help you to track the progress of your team members on the sales pipeline channel. Data and reports are visible and accessible to every member using the app, helping the tracking and guiding of sales for managers quickly and easily.

Real-time tracking with geolocation

Managers and owners can track the progress of on-field salespeople, even when they are not around in the office. Real-time tracking using geo-location helps managers track the progress of field sales tasks and activities better, and share information with team members in real-time. Managers can also provide coaching and training of team members by allowing them to connect with each other seamlessly and share feedback for a better exchange of ideas and inputs. This can help sales managers spot prospective sales deals and take better action on deals opened and closed in the pipeline.

Offline access

You need not have to be online in order to update data and reports all the time. Even without internet connectivity, managers and team members can continue working and updating sales tasks and activities on a mobile sales management tool, and the same is synchronized with the cloud later when connectivity is restored. You can work without interruptions even from remote locations.

CRM integration with sales mobility

Whilst enabling sales on mobile devices, a mobile sales management tool must also offer integrated CRM features that can facilitate sales processes better. Digiteam is an ideal mobile sales assistant that not only offers analytics and data to access and prepare reports but is also packed with outstanding CRM features that can improve the productivity and performance of sales teams. A mobile sales management tool will hardly be of any use if it doesn’t allow you to seamlessly connect with your team members and help you channel your sales pipeline for better opportunities. Integrating with existing systems and CRM is an option with Digiteam.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics are vital to any mobile sales management application. Because all your activities take place on one platform, it is necessary to integrate reporting and analytics for easier access and updating of reports and Excel sheets without using the desktop. Powerful mobile sales CRM will have reporting and analytic features inbuilt in them that can make it easier for team members to access and work on reports and excel sheets as required.

Integrating data for automated processes

Saving time and effort is crucial for any business, and a mobile sales management app like Digiteam lets you do more than that! With easy data integration, you can follow a more automated sales process and remove the guesswork, reduce errors and streamline your sales pipeline. Data integration and processing helps to streamline the flow of information using automated technology. This further helps in better driving the sales pipeline and setting up a process workflow for your team members to take action.

It is as easy as it can get. A mobile sales assistant like Digiteam not only makes sales easier but also provides a competitive work environment for salespeople online. In the long run, a dedicated mobile sales management tool can look after daily sales activities, monitor performance, and update you on the success and failure of sales deals by making information easily available during sales. In other words, a sales management tool assists you and your team members in every sales task without time and geographical constraints.

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