Digiteam - Sales Gamification CRM, Mobile App CRM by SalesARM

Digiteam is a sales digitization and gamification mobile solution that helps guide, engage and track sales teams.

Sales GamificationMake it exciting for your team to interact with clients

Client Management Assistant – Easy to Update Mobile sales assistant to manage sales and facilitate updates

Mobile assistant to manage sales pipeline and collaboration

Digiteam will help your salespeople manage their deal pipeline and add other members of the team to collaborate around the client to maximize cross-selling.

Reminders and smart suggestions

Digiteam will remind salespeople of their meetings. It will guide them to contact the clients they might have ignored depending on client tier and also the deals that they might have forgotten.

All customer details and history on mobile

Salespeople will have all the client history, notes and details on their mobile ahead of the meeting, they will have access to the latest presentation and other material on their devices. They can also capture documents and send them directly for processing.

Easy updates- cards scanning

Sales people don’t need to worry about returning to the office to do their data entry anymore. With a simple snapshot, Digiteam will scan and read any business card. Digiteam will also register call details as they happen and give reminders for meetings. After each call or meeting, Digiteam prompts the user to dictate the call memo and encourages them to set their next action.

Team Tracking and GuidanceTrack and Guide your team on the next best action

Track with mobile dashboards and PC reports

Track your team activities, deals and notes in real-time on your mobile. Download the different reports to analyze the performance.

Comment, Assign Tasks or Reassign contacts

Comment on deals and meetings, and assign tasks or reallocate customers between the team members.

Launch campaigns and get real-time updates on the move

Upload prospects and deal opportunities to instantly appear on mobile phones of relevant salespeople for action. Track campaign progress and deal pipeline and get insights to coach your teams.

Smart advice on the next best action

Digiteam gives your teams smart suggestions on clients that they may have forgotten and deals that need their attention.

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Why Digiteam?

Quick to set-up

Set-up for your company can be done directly from you mobile. Just follow the simple guided setup to add your team members, the products you are selling and the pipeline stages that you want to follow and get started. You also have the option to customize fields and do detailed setup on the web portal. The setup can be customized differently for multi-departments.

Easy to use

As a mobile first application, it is very intuitive. Use it as you use your mobile, dial your customers from Digiteam and it will guide you automatically to think of the next steps and to progress your deals.

No more sales spreadsheets

No more sending prospects and deals opportunities to your team by emails and excel sheets, that you will never get the right feedback on. With digiteam you upload it to appear real-time on their mobile and immediately. Start tracking your campaigns progress details and view the dashboards.

Maintaining Customer history and information

All data and notes collected from your customers together with calls and meetings are stored on Digiteam; a new salesperson handover is now automated. You will not forget anything said by customers to your company.

Track your team performance in real-time

Check your team performance in real-time while you are on the move. Check what activities they have done today, whom they met and how your deals are progressing.

Improve teamwork to close deals

Digitieam allows team members to add each other to collaborate on deals and customers, use the different experiences across the organization and product specialists to collaborate.

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