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Digiteam application, your mobile sales assistant that helps you manage your contacts, activities and deals as well as track and guide your team.


Features for sales people

  • Alerts you with priority calls and meetings
  • Helps capture client business card details in seconds
  • Reminds you of top deals in your pipeline that you need to close
  • Prompts you to call clients you may have forgotten
  • Keeps updated product material handy in one place
  • Collaboration across departments to increase cross-selling

Features for managers

  • Maximize team engagement through gamification
  • Dashboards and reports available on the phone and desktop
  • Real-time tracking including geo-location
  • Uploading leads and campaigns to instantly appear on the phones Adding comments and assign tasks
  • Understanding conversion cycles customer needs


Digitieam works also for enterprises with multi-company and multi-departments. You can run different setup and different games for each department. Contact us also for private cloud and dedicated server setup. Specialized training and setup support also available.

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Dashboards and reportsLarge number of dashboards and reports available for salespeople and managers. Dashboards helps you track performance against targets, monitor ignored customers and customer contact frequency, track the comparative performance of your team. Managers can track the progress of the campaigns uploaded. You can also download reports to excel.

Smart Features

Digiteam delivers tangible results in Sales

Delivers tangible increase in sales

Using the power of digitization and team support, track and guide your teams. You will notice a quick improvement in your sales numbers.

Focused Coaching

Using the dashboard and by comparing performance of your team with the best performer, you will be able to deliver a targeted coaching helping them to focus on the right areas.

Competition to stretch team performance

Team makers compete as individuals and also compete as a team, this will always give them the feedback of how they are doing and what to do to be on the top of their department.

Keep the latest customer material with you

Have the latest Customer presentations and documents on your phone or tablet, email it to the them during the meeting.

No more rolodex

No more keeping paper business card, take a pic of the card and it will be automatically read and added. You can also immediately share your card with the back office staff on the mobile.

Remember the last call

Before calling any customer you will know when did you contact them last and what he said. Your call will be totally different and customer will appreciate your informed discussion more.

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