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Increase Sales Performance When You’re Swamped

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Far too many times, team executives, managers and heads of departments have all said they have experienced an excessive amount of work even when utilizing management software or mobile CRM apps and programs. When the workload gets unbearable and time is not enough, it can break down even the most hardened veteran employees of a business. But somehow, many executives and managers seem to make it out alive.

There must be something they are doing right that helps them deal with a swamped workload. Let us look at a few points to remember when feeling overwhelmed at work and how to increase sales performance even while in such a state. As always, it is best for sales teams to employ the use of an effective mobile CRM when dealing with daily sales activities and monitoring their sales pipeline. So how can you increase sales performance when you are swamped?

Set limits, goals and targets

Make sure you set yourself realistic and achievable goals before you begin working. Even though it may seem overwhelming at first, it is always wise to know when to stop, change pace or take a break.

Break it down and prioritise

The workload ahead of you may seem daunting but if you were to break it down into more easily workable chunks, it will seem a lot more manageable. Try and address harder and more difficult tasks first and keep the more mundane and easy tasks for later when you are more drained of energy.

Organize your surroundings

This is one of the most ignored aspects of managing large amounts of work. In order for you to organise your digital workspace, you will need to organise your physical workspace too. A cluttered desk or crowded office is guaranteed to lower your performance and increase chances of getting distracted. Practising this method also allows you to improve your performance and helps you work more diligently.

Delegate and collaborate

No person is an island. No one can really do it all by themselves. It’s the reason for having teams. If the work you have ahead of you seems insurmountable, try and find a helping hand from a colleague or speak to your line managers to help delegate the workload so as to make it easier on you. Collaboration also takes the weight off on burdensome tasks. Speak with and work with team members to run through tasks cooperatively and you could end up reaching your targets or completing work sooner than expected.

Avoid micro-management and perfectionism

You may be known in your work circles as a perfectionist. You want to make sure everything is done flawlessly, with no mistakes and in perfect processes. This is a commendable virtue but in times of heavy workload and tight deadlines, trying to be perfect with everything you’re working on can take more time and effort than necessary to complete the task. No one expects mediocrity but do remember that great work is something you do for others while perfect work is something you do for yourself. Try and leave out micro-management tasks and picking on the less important aspects of your task at hand.

Above all, learn how to deal with stress because no matter how much you try and get things right, falling under stressful situations is part of a healthy work life. It is a good skill to learn how to deal with stress effectively. Take breaks, say no and always know your limits and let it be known among your team as well. Follow these steps and you will see your sales performance glide even under periods of intense stress.

Apart from your own work processes, it is very useful to get help from mobile CRM such as Digiteam – SalesARM. With cloud based storage, integrated communications and contact storage as well as programmable reminders and suggestion features, Digiteam – SalesARM has the potential to be an invaluable asset to your company. To find out more about how you can increase sales performance, send us a message and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

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