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What is a Business Development Management App?

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A business development manager help a company become what it wants to be, profitable, successful and dealing with satisfied clients. They are responsible for, as their titles suggest, developing the business side of a company. They need to recognise trends and patterns to catch on to and make the most out of any opportunities that arise in the market.

Tech savvy business development managers employ the use of technology and software that boost their performance and increase their output. CRM software or a mobile sales app can help a business development manager go a long way ahead. But what are these apps and how can they help managers exceed their expectations? Here are a few features of a mobile sales app.

Communications booster

CRM apps help bring together sales teams through collaborative communications. All your communications including messages, emails and others, are all recorded or conducted on a mobile sales app. A good CRM app will not only record and bring together all comms within a team but can also allow the team to access these communications at any time in a later stage. This involves messages between team members, their managers and even the clients. This level of communications boosts the collaborative capabilities of a sales team.

A data bank

Your contacts list or client list is of utmost importance to the success of your business. Storing all the data you have collected on your clients is not an easy task and once done, it needs to be readily available to you and your team whenever required. This is something a mobile sales app can help you achieve. Using cloud-based technology, all your company data gets saved immediately, in proper order without duplication errors and on the cloud so that you can access it anytime anywhere.

Planning ahead

Productivity can drastically drop when a business runs without a plan of action. Perceived threats or hurdles that have been accounted for help a business effectively handle problems when they arise. A successful business development management app helps plan your next move by offering to remind you of pending tasks, giving you suggestions on which clients to catch up with and optimizing movement through the sales pipeline.

The big picture

When you are dealing with a relatively large team or organisation, it’s easy to get lost in the little and day-to-day activities and end up losing sight of bigger and more long-term goals and strategies. With a mobile sales app, you can be sure to always have a clear view of the big picture. A comprehensive look at all activities, team members, clients and the overall sales pipeline. This can help bring business development managers back into focus and retarget themselves if they get off track.

A CRM app, unlike a program that sits on your laptop, is software that you can download to your phone. This allows you to take your business wherever you go. It can help boost you and your team’s overall productivity while keeping costs and risks relatively low when compared to those businesses that use older and less advanced technologies. These are some of the features of a thoroughbred business development management app. One such app is Digiteam – SalesARM. With cloud based storage, integrated communications and contact storage as well as programmable reminders and suggestion features, it is a vital unit in a business arsenal. Why not give it a try for your business? Send us a message and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

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