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3 Tips for Keeping Track of Clients: Guide for Small Businesses

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Your clients are your blood supply. They are the ones who bring you your profits and keep your business afloat so it is of utmost importance that you will need to keep track of your clients and client lists to make sure they are all being addressed to properly and in a timely fashion. A company or sales team’s “Boom of Clients” is one of its most important assets. So how do you make sure you are keeping track of all your clients?

There have been plenty of methods employed and perfected over the years by professionals in the industry but as technology advances, we find it easier and more efficient to use a sales tracking app to assist us with such tasks. Here are 3 simple tips for keeping track of your clients.

Note the point:

It may sound pretty obvious but in the heat of the moment, many sales reps forget to properly note down all the points they discuss when with a client. Important details such as contact information, queries, doubts concerns complaints and suggestions. All of these need to be noted down in order for your team to be able to address them later. No one likes to repeat themselves and even more so when it’s a client who may be paying you for good and/or services.

Up in the clouds:

So, you’ve trained your staff to take notes diligently. They’ve jotted down everything but alas, they’ve forgotten to carry their notes with them. Data collected by your team needs to be accessible at all times and in any location. Technologies such as CRM software and sales tracking apps nowadays don’t rely on storing data in single hard drives or on your desktops or laptops. Instead, they are now using cloud services that are remotely accessible. All you have to do now is start uploading to the cloud and you’ll be able to take your business with you.

Reminders and more reminders:

You’ve got the notes, it’s saved on the cloud, you’re feeling very pleased with yourself. But then you get a call from a potential client, demanding an explanation as to why you haven’t turned up at a meeting they scheduled a while back. You forgot. Keeping track of your clients is not simply data collection but utilizing that data effectively as well. This means you need to be able to set alarms and reminders for various functions with regards to your clients. Do you need to check on their status, did they request for a call-back, do you need to follow-up on them for something? You’ll need a robust CRM or sales tracking app that can help you accomplish this.

In its essence, keeping a track of your clients is the primary function of a CRM and CRM sales tracking apps. This is why CRM apps such as Digiteam – SalesARM are among the most useful and necessary additions to your sales team if you’d like to see your business grow and thrive. If you’d like to know how Digiteam – SalesARM can help your business, why not send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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