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7 Innovative Ways to Implement Sales Gamification

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An employee is at the heart of every business. A good employee constitutes an asset of a company. A satisfied and engaged employee would not only bring in positive energy in the workplace but also help in increasing the company’s profit and sales through effective tactics. Having an employee who is uninterested or lacks positive energy in him/her will drain out positivity from the workplace and from the rest of the colleagues. An engaged and well-motivated employee is an enhancement that is what a company needs to keep going. Increase the productivity of your sales team by introducing them to the sales gamification. Build a highly productive environment and allow awards and recognition, for your employees to stay motivated all the time. Guide them through effective sales strategies and keep them updated about the latest market. Here are a few ways through which you can implement sales gamification in your team. Read on…

Getting sales report on board

In order to get your sales reports quicker, you can make use of leaderboards and create interesting opportunities for the employees. In this way, the employees will have a high value to prospect and it will be interesting for them to understand the detailed report and present it to their senior management. This will create some early momentum to get the new sales reports off to a fast start.

Launching new products

In case some of your employees are lagging behind and your products are not getting much attention, use the method of sales gamification for launching your product with great fanfare, training, and marketing. The sales people can be introduced to a new idea for selling and a leaderboard can be set up and rewards can be assigned for pitching the concept to a prospect. This can increase your sales rate up to two times and will also create strong abilities in your employees at the end of the challenge. Through an effective CRM the results can be shared publicly and in real time, salespeople will collaborate more with each other in order to learn how others were finding success.

Advancing Better Opportunities

Through an effective sales gamification, you can streamline your sales process and generate more revenue. Make your sales a fun task and trigger points whenever an opportunity will move in. Use leaderboards to give instant recognition to the employee who performs well. Various points could be awarded to the employee for performing simple tasks like assisting their colleagues with their punctuality, dedication or any other qualities. The points collected after the end of the week or month could be used for small prizes like shopping vouchers, leaving a half hour early one day etc. Practicing such a positive employee recognition program can strengthen employee engagement and build a better team.

Sharing your best practices

Your salespeople can hyper-motivated by competition because it gives them an objective measure of how they’re doing as compared to their peers. When they know the tactics, they will then know what to focus on, and what can be done for improvement. They will take the help of co-workers and build better bonding with each other. By sharing each other’s best practices through sales gamification, the employee will improve in their field while they will give a better input to the company.

Increasing face to face conversations

For every company, a face to face discussion is important for success. Sales gamification can increase coordination among people. Transparency around face-to-face meetings within the sales team inspired all the employees to crank it up a notch. This will result in two times increase in the meetings that lead to higher deal sizes and higher close rates.

Keeping the Power hours

Keeping your sales team focused on a proper day-in and day-out is often a challenge, because of a lot employee who is often not punctual. It takes a lot of discipline and this can help the salespeople understand when the prospect is slow, or when is it robust. Having a fun and detailed discussion about the importance of discipline can help people aware of their responsibilities and disciplines. Through maintaining proper hours of work, break, and employee engagement a good working environment can be created.

Cleaning Up Data

A lot of companies still uses excel sheet for updating their day’s work. This increased the odds of data loss and errors. Through a friendly CRM which has a sales gamification feature, managers can call in weekly meetings, and can reward an employee every time they update their work. This process has experimented in a lot of companies and it has been seen that thousands of data have been updated within days. By creating a competitive environment the sales rate has been increased way more than expected.

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