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Sale Smarter, Better, And Faster With Digiteam CRM

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Whether you are going for cold calls or visiting door to door for selling your products, the sad reality is that less than 30% of your sales force is actually giving a fruitful result. No matter what the reason is, the productivity is not up to the mark and it needs serious attention. Various statistics have shown that the employees fail to give their 100% output at the end-of-the-quarter crunch, and they are unable to fully engage them, even at critical moments.

Whenever your sales team is under performing, it takes 150% of their salary and a month’s time to replace them. This not only costs the company its valuable time and money, but also hampers its productivity. So what’s the solution? Well, the answer is a strong culture of employee engagement. With this method, not only the chances of losing your employees will be less, but also help you in bringing in more revenue to your business. The Digiteam CRM software is here to help you out with few fruitful ways through which you can increase your productivity.

Create a culture of engagement

By creating a culture of engagement, you can increase your team’s productivity and motivate them through the inbuilt gamification feature in the Digiteam CRM. As sales leaders, it becomes your responsibility to engage your team. Maximize their performance by making it interesting and exciting for them to interact with clients. Boost their energy, motivate them, and engage them through sales gamification. Use leaderboards, start challenges and give instant recognition to create a high-performance culture among your team. With this method, you can also track where your team members are lagging behind and can help them focus on the right areas. Do your best to maximize each team member’s performance and motivate them every day. The company’s goal is to have their teams put their best foot forward and think like owners, so they can drive business successfully.

Hire the right fit

The growth of a company depends on its employees. The true success comes when you maintain a winning sales culture. Make sure you hire people who have a positive approach towards whatever they are doing. If you hire someone with a negative attitude, big ego, or poor work ethic, you run the risk of infecting your entire sales team. Even though experience and skills matter, but a person who doesn’t embrace your mission will not be the team player; you need to drive your overall success. If you are able to find people who align with your culture and values, they would be more comfortable in working with you.

Set clear goals and expectations

A clear communication, and a specified target and goal are extremely important for all organizations. The digital CRM provides all the amenities under one platform. Without making your teams lose the momentum of their work, keep them in the loop by setting a target for them in the Digiteam CRM software.

Whenever it comes to setting a target for your team, data remains the key. Update all your data and provide an activity-based sales plan on the CRM so that your employees don’t stay in any kind of confusion. If you go for activity based selling, the odds of achieving the goals are much higher. Regular follow-ups, training are the keys to monitor progress and identify different challenges that can come in the way.  Act as a mentor or sales coach. This will help you set long-term ambitions and execute them in a proper way.

Encourage effective learning

Do not set your goals in numbers. Setting numbers as targets become boring and tedious for the employees. Motivate them to learn and set up targets in a fun way through the Digiteam CRM app. This way, employees are more likely to feel valued, and they’ll appreciate your willingness to invest in their ongoing learning and development. Try to demonstrate your dedication to their professional growth, and you’ll see an increased productivity in your team.

Stay focused

If you stay focused, your business growth will be better. Try to link across multiple channels and establish a better relationship with everyone. With a cloud-based server setup, you can also set up specialized training and support. Upload deals and prospects that will instantly appear on the mobile phones of your sales team. You can also track your campaigns better and pipeline your deals to understand where you need to coach your members. This Digiteam CRM gives smart suggestions on client follow-ups that may have been forgotten or needs immediate attention. With increased simplicity, integration, efficiency, and visibility, this CRM allows multitasking, while keeping track of budget at the same time. Use infrastructure-as-a-service and work in perfect synchronization with your teammates. Generate more clients and keep serving better to your existing ones.

Come up with new innovative ways to market your business and keep your team ready for all challenges with the Digiteam CRM software. Contact us for more details. 

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