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Sales Pipeline CRM

For small and growing businesses, an integrated and robust CRM tool can significantly increase revenues, improve customer retention and employee engagement levels, and accelerate sales opportunities. And with complete sales gamification solutions, Digiteam is here to assist you as the ideal Pipeline management CRM for your business.

The Digiteam pipeline management CRM tool provides an open, reliable and flexible platform for businesses to interact with customers and sales teams.

Real-time updates

Even when you are on the go, track every step of your managers and team members with our sales pipeline CRM tool. Digiteam makes it easier for managers to track and oversee sales activities real-time, and manage sales deals for on-time closure.

Interact with your salespeople on the go

Handle communications and interactions with customers, managers, and salespeople by knowing the last dialed calls, call conversation details, files and documents exchanged, and more.

Get a full picture of your sales pipeline CRM

Our pipeline management CRM app dashboard is designed to give you a complete picture of all sales activities and engagement levels of your managers and sales teams. You can track downloads, real-time updates, email messages, customer details, call details, and more. Tracking and guiding sales team to close as many deals as possible, in time, is made easier and faster with the power of digitization.

Break out from admin tasks

Carry all details and reports of your sales activities and teams wherever you are. With all your sales pipeline management activities right under one platform, you will never have to return to your desk for boring admin jobs.

Team notes and feedback

Read notes shared by your sales teams and understand the kind of feedback your business receives from customers. Notes by your team members will help you gauge the success rate of closures.

Eliminate guesswork

Get accurate details of the kind of deals open, closed, and the ones that need to be closed. Stay reminded by Digiteam on important customer details to help you strategize sales and marketing efforts to eliminate errors and save time.

See Your Sales Pipeline Coming to Life

See how sales deals are being processed by your managers and team members. Keep a record of all initiated and closed deals, deal tracking metrics, and take on-time actions to further streamline your business sales pipeline.

Looking for a simplified pipeline management CRM for your business or team? Take a 1-month free trial of our pipeline management CRM app and let Digiteam transform your business.

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