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Sales Gamification Software

Digiteam sales gamification Softeware app uses integrated game mechanics to boost motivation and hard work amongst employees. Right from sparking a competitive spirit to awarding the best performers in your team, work becomes fun with the Digiteam app.

Try out Digiteam to gamify sales for your company’s sales professionals.

Contests and leaderboards

Try running a sales contest! Gamification features like contests and leaderboards have a profound and self-explanatory impact on the performances of your team members.

  • Motivate employees by giving them an opportunity to excel in their field.
  • Faster collaboration with detailed tracking of your sales deals on leaderboards can further encourage employees to work hard and focus well.

Points to badges, medals and cups

  • Monitor sales behaviors by awarding points to your team members. Give them a sense of accomplishment in whatever they do.
  • Award badges, medals and cups to help employees get recognized and honored for their performances and commitment to the business.

Social Feeds

Foster social communication and make conversations easier to track and manage with social feeds and feedback features.

  • Communication section for sales teams and managers
  • Better action on team challenges and requirements
  • Casual coaching through valuable feedback sharing
  • Establish a competitive spirit to achieve targets easily

Campaigns and challenges

  • Sales gamification takes things a notch higher by creating a defining work environment through campaigns and challenges. A set of challenges can serve a true purpose for your sales team.
  • Test your team members’ capabilities by keeping them with games that you can configure to focus on specific products or behavior that matches your business targets.
  • Reach goals faster by monitoring progress and creating transparency amongst sales professionals.
  • Set realistic challenges that motivate employees to reach their goals.

Yes, gamification does work! Increased competitive spirit and engaging gamification features make Digiteam the ideal sales gamification app for small and large businesses.

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