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CRM Software Solutions

There is hardly a technology as powerful as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). From building a sustainable relationship with customers to gauging the performance of your own sales team, the Digiteam CRM application makes sales activities fun and engaging like never before!

Understanding CRM is not easy, mainly because people are still unaware of the capabilities of a robust CRM software app for their business. Here at Digiteam, we have amalgamated a number of mobile sales features that can ‘gamify’ sales processes for your teams. Here’s what Digiteam offers as a complete CRM software solution to track and manage your company’s sales deals and activities.

App dashboard

  • Our CRM application dashboard offers you an overview of everything that is currently happening in your business.
  • See your team’s sales pipeline, closed deals, current lead conversions, and users’ activities and tasks. Coordinate with managers and detect potential problems by analyzing the performance of your sales teams.
  • Our CRM software app dashboard is designed and tailored to suit your business’ specific needs.


  • Make phone calls and track your daily interactions with team members, and leads.
  • Complete transparency in client interactions and other communications with your sales teams and managers.
  • Build better and stronger relationships with clients and minimize errors in sales processes and activities.


  • Our CRM application is configured to provide you with an integrated contacts management system for your sales team.
  • Keep your contact details safe and handy at all times and keep a track of the last conversation you had with them, call details, and more.
  • Manage other sales and marketing activities associated with your contacts for better client relationship.


  • The Digiteam CRM app helps you manage accounts easily, including actions like quoting, ordering, closing deals, and preparing invoices.
  • Simpler and secure exchange of documents and files and keep automatic records of collateral materials shared and other interactions with your accounts.
  • Examine past orders and marketing efforts for better customer assistance.

‘Gamifying’ sales

Our mobile sales CRM application is designed to ‘gamify’ sales activities for managers and team members by running leaderboards. Honoring your team member’s hard work by awarding points and badges, create contests to build a competitive spirit amongst professionals, and profound ‘gamification’ features to keep things interesting and engaging.

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