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Mobile Sales Management

Digiteam aims to provide an integrated mobile sales management platform for sales managers and sales teams to access, track, and manage information and customer details right in one place. A mobile CRM achieves to deliver a customer relationship management platform that is simpler and quicker to setup and manage. And with a mobile sales management tool like Digiteam, you can even run your business on the go.

Mobile CRM for salespeople

For salespeople on the field, our mobile sales management software allows you to work from wherever suits you best. Don’t keep your sales teams hooked to their desks. Instead, build a collaborative work environment by helping your salespeople work with ease and reduce their stress while they are on the field. You don’t need your employee’s presence in the office to get sales jobs done!

  • Encourage smart work among salespeople
  • Get accurate details of sales activities from the dashboard
  • Keep a record of customer interactions and details
  • Generate reports and analyze performances to minimize errors
  • Nurture more leads

Try our sales management CRM tool to simplify sales processes and tasks for salespeople and for effective management and tracking of customer relationships.

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