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CRM for Small Business

Is it getting difficult for you to track sales appointments and monitor sales performances? As a small business, you might face a number of challenges, making it difficult to sustain a professional relationship with your clients and get involved with an integrated sales tracking to grow your business. With the right CRM for small business solutions, Digiteam can help your growing business achieve better organization and synergy between sales professionals and clients.

As most entrepreneurs, you will be open to risks and challenges every day. You will constantly be in the search for tools that can boost your business ROI and help your business streamline daily tasks and close more deals.

Powerful insights within minutes

Stop stressing about detailed reports and waste your valuable time on monitoring sales patterns. Instead, focus on key business performance indicators with a seamlessly user-friendly dashboard on the Digiteam’s CRM app.

Everything on-the-go

Speedy access to customer documents, monitoring of sales team performances, tracking sales numbers help your business with a sustainable growth.

Facilitated exchange of communication

Keep call details of customers handy. Know the last time you called them and for what, and eliminate redundancies and reduce turnaround times in your business sales process.

Greater value for your money

As a small business, you need to make every penny count. And with a CRM app like Digiteam, you can make more than just a pennyworth! Our CRM app for small business will provide a better ROI, higher profit margin, and sales while taking care of your budget.

A simple tool with powerful features

Digiteam’s small-business-friendly CRM tool can ease the overwhelming tasks for your sales teams and managers, and help build an effective relationship with customers.

  • Get real-time updates from your sales team and other communication with customers, even when you’re on-the-go.
  • Keep customer files, documents, and details always ready on your mobile phone.
  • Easily share business cards with your customers and teams.
  • Gauge the success of your sales teams by integrated comparison and evaluation of employees’ performances on the app dashboard.
  • Motivate employees with ‘gamified’ features to make mobile CRM exciting, fun, and profitable for your business.

Transform your business’ sales and marketing activities by trying out the Digiteam app for free. Take a free trial for the first 30 days and see your sales numbers grow each day!

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