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Mobile CRM

What is Mobile CRM?

  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management is a tool that is designed to help your sales teams and managers get access to relevant customer data and activities on their smartphones and tablets.
  • It helps team members and managers to stay connected, even from remote locations. With a user-friendly dashboard, simple menus, and user-oriented features, a robust mobile CRM makes it easy to concise and collect all data and relevant information in one place for all members to gain access.
  • Easy access to customer details, integrating and simplifying spreadsheets and sales reports, and gamifying sales activities to keep team members motivated is one of the many objectives a mobile CRM tries to achieve.

Why choose Digiteam as the ideal mobile CRM app for your business?

Carry information on-field

While your salespeople are away from their desks, you can help them carry useful information on their mobile devices. Our mobile CRM app fosters efficiency in sales management cycles by helping your sales team login to the dashboard with ease and access information about deals opened and closed, contact information, client call details, files exchanges, and more.

Shortening the sales cycle

Explore newer and better opportunities by streamlining sales activities and shortening your sales management cycle. Track and monitor orders processed, customer feedback, inputs by your managers and salespeople without any delays. Considering your sales cycle requirements, you can provide key information such as complaints, pricing models, inventory availability, and more among customers and sales teams, facilitating your company’s sales cycle.

Sales planning made faster

You can open and close deals faster by keeping customers and sales teams in the loop. Make it easier for sales managers to attend meetings while monitoring sales activities in real-time with our mobile CRM’s data organization features.

Get powerful insights

Real-time data tracking can ease overwhelming tasks for your managers and sales teams. Send alerts, provide professional sales coaching and assistance to your team members, monitor performances, track monthly and quarterly sales reports to see your sale numbers growing!

Our mobile CRM app helps you save money by doing lots of things in a short time!

Are you looking for more flexibility in your sales cycle? When you want your business to grow, it is highly important that you consolidate all activities and information for easier access anytime. This is where the Digiteam mobile CRM app opens the door for you to save time and bring together all your crucial information for your sales managers and team members to act upon. But more than just saving time, a robust mobile CRM app like Digiteam can do much more for your business.

You want all data and information to be accessible even on the go. An integrated mobile CRM app like Digiteam can stack essential information of your customers and team member activities to foster business growth and improve ROI.

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