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CRM Gamification

Gamify sales for your managers and team members with Digiteam – a mobile first CRM that incorporates sales gamification features into a robust platform that can facilitate B2B and B2C sales.

Combining work and play is what Digiteam strives to achieve. We want to make work fun for salespeople and thus, offer a unique CRM gamification platform to experience the best. With our CRM gamification tool, you can do much more than just sales tracking and monitoring. We can help make sales more fun and engaging for your team members and customers, and here’s exactly how-


Creating leaderboards is one of the best CRM gamification features that Digiteam offers. A leaderboard will allow you to track the performances and progress of each of your team members with great ease. Easy to use and made effortlessly accessible, leaderboards will keep your team member motivated to grow in their field.

Reward points

Do you give awards to the top performers of your team? If not, it is time that you do so and see your sales grow each day! You can give away points to whoever closes the deal first or works on the highest number of sales deals for the week, or any team member who has given you the highest conversion rates this week.

Rank performances

Following the points system, you can rank your team members and managers and award them with titles to show further appreciation for their efforts and hard work. Ranks can be awarded from novice or beginner to masters or experts.

Channelize sales process

With a CRM gamification app like Digiteam, you can customize sales activities and progress of your team. For instance, you can offer greater reward points to your sales team on closing a challenging deal or to act upon a sales deal with a strict deadline.

Track results

You can create weekly leaderboards and track the performance of your sales teams. Following which, you can even compare the performance of each of your team members and reward them with badges at the end of the week.

Digiteam can gamify sales for your team and deliver results like never before! Take a 30-day free trial of the Digiteam app and notice our CRM gamification app improve engagement levels by tenfold.

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