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Why does my business need a CRM app REVISED

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You’re a business owner and you want to take your company to the next level. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to connect with prospective and existing customers and define market trends.

You are looking for a simple but effective solution to managing your customer base. In comes, Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software. These sophisticated programs help push businesses ahead by leaps and bounds, by streamlining teams. But how, you ask? Well here are several ways how a CRM, especially one built for your mobile phone, can transform your business.

1. Better organization

A CRM app or program helps gather all your contacts, follow up information and pipeline data into a single, easily accessible space. The biggest benefit of all? Not having to work on spreadsheets – Google Sheets, Excel or otherwise. A powerful CRM makes using these types of spreadsheets obsolete as all the information you input is done so in an intuitive and user-friendly manner that is easy to learn and adapt to. So no need to waste time chasing multiple versions of team updates or risking inconsistencies with entries.

2. Better tracking

Effective CRM apps allow managers to track the performance of their sales teams, products and services with more accurately, allowing for better predictions and preventing problems down the line. Robust CRM software or mobile apps allow you to monitor your team productivity, including the number of calls made, emails sent and meetings scheduled. WIth geolocation tracking, you can stop guessing whether or not your business development manager is closing business or lounging poolside. But it’s not just about monitoring the whereabouts of your teams, more importantly, it’s being able to guide them in real time with helpful suggestions, comments and collaborate to focus on closing more sales.

3. Better safety and security

Having your company data spread across several teams, departments, programs, devices and physical documents opens your business to potential data security risks. To be a step ahead of the game, a business needs to make sure all its vital information, such as leads, customers and pipeline are stored in a single safe and secure location. Sales CRM programs and applications do just that by using cloud technology, making your information safe, secure, and readily available anywhere you go. No need to worry about having the system wiped by an accidental CTRL+A Delete!

4. Better metrics

Do you know how well your team performed over the last month? Can your business state its conversion rate over a given period? Obviously, these can be collected if you can diligently record every activity, but why not leave those tasks to a smart and automated CRM? That way, you’ll leave yourself with more time to focus on pressing issues or address other areas of the business. A good CRM will give you access to different metrics that gauge and measure your business, its growth, where it may be falling behind and much more.

These are just a few reasons why you need a good CRM app to move your business ahead. The Digiteam – SalesARM app can help manage databases, sales process and pipelines for small to medium sized businesses to deliver tangible results in increasing sales.

Though some may say adding in a new tool is a hassle at first, the benefits of getting a CRM setup support and empower sales and marketing teams when everyone is onboard. Ready to give it a try? Download the app here:

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