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Why Digiteam is better than an Excel Spreadsheet

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Customer relationships are a vital aspect of any businesses, especially a sales-based business. It is of the utmost importance that the sales team discover new leads and keep up-to-date on their clients’ information, their status on the sales pipeline and to be able to measure their responses and convert them into customers.

Processing all this information was, in the past, done on extensively drawn spreadsheets and in the past decade, on excel spreadsheets. However, with the current digitization of the economy and businesses along with it, it has become necessary for companies to adapt to better and faster methods of doing business to remain competitive and profitable.

In comes CRM software. Starting out initially as programs, they have now taken on to mobile devices as apps to allow entrepreneurs, employers and employees to take their business with them. One such CRM app is Digiteam – SalesARM.

Digiteam – SalesARM is a CRM app targeted towards boosting businesses by helping them maintain successful relationships with their customers. The app was developed for mobile use allowing you to travel with your business in the palm of your hands. It is a far reach away from the previous practice of using excel spreadsheets. How does an app on your phone help you, your business and your team grow? With a robust set of capabilities that set it apart from the rest. The app and its usability is broken down into three groups of people for whom it is designed. Sales people, Sales Managers and Higher Management. Here’s a breakdown of what features are available to each group.

Sales people

Digiteam – SalesARM can be customized to alert you to important client calls and meetings on any given day. Something an excel sheet cannot do. It can use your phone camera to scan a business card and automatically upload its information to your client database. It also allows you to take notes on each of your clients. While this is possible on an excel spreadsheet, the notes you take can be shared with other teammates or your managers easily.

Sales Managers

Sales managers will have unprecedented control over their team’s performance and will be able to track meetingsand calls in real-time to keep up-to-date. They can comment and notify their team at the push of a button and assign tasks and leads where they see fit. All of this shows up to them automatically on a detailed report.

Top-Level Managers

Company heads and top management will be able to view the business as a whole, allowing them to add or reduce effort on certain leads and markets based on their aggregate response. Using Digiteam – SalesARM in-depth reporting mechanisms, addressing any problems is easier than if one were to be working with excel spreadsheets. They will be able to use customer feedback to better understand the market.

It is due to advances in cloud technology, smart phones, net speeds and more that have lead to the invention of smarter, faster and more efficiently run businesses. In accordance, CRM technology has also progressed, allowing for businesses to push the limits and reach previously untouched areas. Working with excel spreadsheets when such technology is available in the market will only do your business harm as you fall behind in the race to generate profits. It is why more and more businesses are moving away from the old techniques to CRM software such as Digiteam – SalesARM. The features mentioned above and more are what await your business when you choose to work with Digiteam – SalesARM. Why not send us a message today and one of our team will be in touch with you right away.

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