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Why a CRM app is better than a sales pipeline spreadsheet

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The sales pipeline spreadsheet was a staple of your everyday sales force. For many years, entire teams used to organize their activities, clients and contacts through the use of spreadsheets.
However, with the sudden and rapid rise of smart phones and improved broadband speed and connection, the use and effectiveness of a computer with the excel spreadsheet on it to do all your work seems outdated. This is where apps come in.

Apps live on your phone and carrying powerful smart phones with high speed access to the internet
means they go wherever you go. A sales team looking to expand their reach and grow their potential will always be on the move and the app keeps them in the know. Being up-to-date is not something traditional spreadsheets or even digital spreadsheets are capable of, given their ‘physical’ limitations. Here are a few reasons why a CRM app is better than a traditional sales pipeline spreadsheet.


Your data travels with you. Physical paper sales pipeline spreadsheets are long gone but so are excel sheets that are saved onto a computer. Taking it around with you means you will have to deal with multiple copies, each team member having their own updates and differences. This can lead to plenty of problems with duplication and omissions. When using a digital CRM app, your data travels with you and is edited in real-time. That means you can see your colleagues make edits to your data and all edits are recorded for future referencing. Cloud computing allows you to carry all your data with you and access it wherever you want.


You have a large database and you share this with your team for them to work on it when necessary. At the end of the day, all this data needs to be reviewed and again updated and consolidated into a new sheet. This process is not only time-consuming but prone to error that can be overlooked given the various copies that are being worked on. With a synced and cloud based workflow offered by CRM apps, you and your team will have access to the exact same document and can see it being edited in real time with the ability to trace back who made what changes and when.


With a spreadsheet, what you see is what you get. Excel sheets offer a degree of control and calculations but these are in no way matched by what’s on offer with a robust mobile sales assistant. Sales pipeline spreadsheets only give you raw data but an intelligent CRM can help generate in-depth and insightful reports with trend predictions and fault analysis. With a smart reporting system, you can not only be in the know at any given moment but report these to others and address any areas that need your attention.

With the world going digital at unprecedented levels, it’s no longer a question of if you will adopt a CRM but when and what CRM you will be using. Digiteam – SalesARM is a powerful CRM app that’s built to be used on-the-go and has a number of useful and smart features to help boost your sales team performance. Why not check out its features and see if this is the CRM app that’s going to take your business to the next level?

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