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Why a CRM app is better than a sales pipeline spreadsheet (Part 2)

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The world is developing at break-neck speeds when it comes to technology. The effects of which can be seen in the way business conducts itself. With the internet bringing the world closer together and making communicating between continents in an instant, it is a matter of necessity that any business that needs to stay relevant and profitable must adapt accordingly.

In Part 1 of this blog, which you can find here, the role of mobility, version control and useful feedback were discussed. This time around, benefits such as collaboration, visualisations and time management will be addressed in detail.


Working in a team requires constant communication and teamwork. Only then can a team achieve goals together and reach targets on time. With a physical spreadsheet, you’re limited to only the person who currently is in possession of the necessary spreadsheets. Without a CRM, you’ll have to contact a colleague or customer over email, text, social or other multiple messaging programs. However, with an effective CRM app, all your data is shared and synced across a singular platform. Communication can be streamlined using any good CRM’s communications platform rather than having to deal with multiple points of contact.


Spreadsheets consist mainly of cells filled with numbers. The appearance of which can be very dull and intimidating to those who do not fully understand it. This is a problem faced when using dry and raw data. With a feature-rich CRM, your data can be visualized in many different forms that go beyond tables, such as graphs and charts.


An excel sheet offers a number of calculating options that give you raw data reports that are complex and lack any visual appeal. However, a well-built CRM app can offer you a proper structure that is scalable, measurable and offers you useful feedback that allows for reviewing performances. Such apps also allow you to target sections or individuals in the workflow that are causing problems or not performing up to standards. Using such data can allow you to always a step ahead of competitors and problems. It can collect customer data and offer insights into the kinds of customers you attract and why. Your business is more likely to grow when you know what’s in your sales pipeline, when you can make better forecasts, decide which markets work best for you and what satisfies the customer.

Time Management

Packing all these features into a single CRM program or app allows for better performances, more time spent doing business rather than paperwork and connecting with customers rather than fumbling with large amounts of data. A robust CRM allows your business to manage time more efficiently and in the process, gives you more time to focus on what’s important and spend more time collecting and developing leads that turn into business for you.

These are some of the reasons, more businesses are adopting CRM technology at such rapid paces. As with advancements in tech, more businesses are able to conduct themselves on the go. This could be one of the reasons why it may be time for your organization to implement a CRM app, one that lives on your mobile phone and goes wherever you go. If you’re looking for such an app, try out Digiteam – SalesARM. This multi-functional, cloud-based and easily configurable tohelp take your business to the next level.

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