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International Travel – You never need to be away from business

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The world is a much smaller place in the 21st century thanks to advances in technology, travel and communications. As entrepreneurs take over the business world, we see a trend of more and more people living the entrepreneurs’ life.Running a business is no small feat, especially when dealing with sales and managing a sales team.

However, many entrepreneurs are starting to look for solutions that enable a more holistic approach thus achieving a work-life balance. Here are a few pointers on how you can travel while also keeping a track of your sales, sales team and their CRM.

Plan ahead:

Make sure you know what it is you are going to do. Planning is key to making sure you are prepared for any eventualities while away from your desk. Let those in your team know where you will be or you can keep a single point of contact from your office who will be able to reach you at all times should the need arise. You’ll need to identify times of the day when you feel you are at peak performance and productivity.

Working with a great team:

It pays to hire the right people for the right job. When you have a reliable team working with you, delegation and troubleshooting become a lot easier. Having a great team to work with is essential to hold the business together when its leaders have stepped away momentarily. It is essential to train them accordingly as well. Hiring the right individuals allows you to focus on your business rather than being overwhelmed with everyday issues in the business.


It is essential that stay connected with your team, having all your tools at hand: laptop, mobile phone, chargers and other basic tools of the trade. You will also need to make sure you are are always reachable. When working with sales and the sales pipeline, it is important to utilize an efficient CRM app or software. One that can travel with you. The last thing you need when you’re supposed to be on a relaxing holiday is stressing out over an issue at your office because your laptop or WiFi signal is not working or the system you have put in place is faulty. An app also allows you to support and guide your team when you are away from the office and gives you live updates on those all important monthly targets.

Don’t forget to have fun

Whether away on holiday or travelling for business purposes, remember to allow yourself to take a break from work. Learn to say no to unimportant tasks and expectations. If a decision isn’t going to move the business forward, do not agree to look into it out of courtesy, just say no.

Travel for business is a necessity, so it is important that you have a system set in place that can travel with you. This allows you to always be ‘in the know’ and able to take control when necessary, regardless of your geographical location. This is why you should consider the Digiteam – SalesARM CRM app. An app that sits on your phone and goes where you go. No longer will you have to keep multiple track records, forget about important leads or their contact details, miss out on deadlines or lose touch with your team. The Digiteam – SalesARM CRM app allows you to accomplish all of these tasks and more. What’s more are it lives on the cloud you don’t have to worry about security. Why not give it a try and set out for your international trip safe in the knowledge that your business remains in the palm of your hands.

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