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How to Organise a Sales Team with a Sales CRM app

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The sales team of any business is responsible for bringing in customers, clients and in other words, profit. Just as other departments of a business, the sales team is integral and requires a lot of training, monitoring and development if it is to succeed and raise the company to better heights. So how does one effectively organise a sales team especially managing a team using technology such as a sales crm app?

In the past, sales teams drew up exhaustive sales pipeline diagrams and thorough spreadsheets that tried to document all of their activities and progress. As time passed and technology advanced, so did their methods and practices. The businesses of today use CRM software or sales CRM apps that assist in discovering, nurturing and sustaining clients. Here are a few pointers on how to use a sales crm app to organise your sales team.

Who’s who?

It would be a fantastic idea to just let everyone in on everything that’s happening so that the whole team is working on the same level. However time and again, this method has been proved to be ineffective in generating sales. The best sales teams are thoroughly structured and have processes in place every step of the sales pipeline. You clients must be allocated between your sales team with each client being given a primary sales rep as a point of contact. Once this is established, a sales rep may share and/or exchange details with other reps for guidance and assistance.

What to do?

People need goals, whether it is in real life or in business life. You’ll need to give your team actionable goals. Those that are achievable and timed. Targets, deadlines and budgets may seem like you are constricting the work flow of your team but it is the most effective method in managing and measuring the performance of your sales team. Build a plan of action and make sure everyone sticks to it. Then watch your company grow as the team follows through.

Why though?

It is necessary for your company to host regular team briefings and catch up meetings. You are, after all dealing with customer relationship management. Your team will need to always be in the loop of things. You will need to meet with them regularly and if it is not possible to do so in person, then it can be held through conference calls or online. This would save time in commuting and will allow the whole team to stay in touch no matter where they are and will let the others know what they are up to.

In the end, if you train your team to keep an eye on what’s important, your sales pipeline and use an effective sales crm app, you will be able to guide them through the sales process and help them coordinate with each other. Doing so would require a well-built and feature-rich software or mobile app. Digiteam – SalesARM is sales crm app that allows you to manage and track your sales pipeline with ease. Why not give it a try by speaking to one of our agents now. Take your business to the next level with Digiteam – SalesARM.

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