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How the right CRM mobile app can make your sales team more efficient

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Customer Relations are an integral part of any business that is looking to grow. Managing client needs and expectations requires detailed planning, tracking and perhaps most importantly following up. To accomplish the multiple requirements of managing your entire client base, you’ll need a solution that can keep up with you and your business.

With the fast paced nature of today’s culture, it is also necessary that any CRM you choose should be able to literally move with you. This explains the trend in mobile CRM apps becoming more popular than desktop programs. As you take your phone with you wherever you go, it is only understandable you will need your software to be accessible when you’re away from your desk. So, when dealing with CRM, how do you know which sales CRM app is the best for your business?

Here are a few features to look out for when choosing the right CRM mobile app:


The importance of planning and scheduling cannot be overstated when it comes to CRM. A strong scheduling calendar feature that allows not only for adding dates, timings and other details, but editing on-the-go is also necessary.


Businesses thrive on strong relationships not just with clients but with colleagues and employees as well. Working together means staying in touch constantly, never leaving another team member in the dark and letting everyone else know what it is you are up to. A good sales CRM app will always keep you connected with your team members.


Each and every client, their projects, goals and objectives are different. It’s very unlikely any two clients have the exact same needs. And this is the same with your team. It is necessary for the chosen CRM mobile app to be able to adjust to the needs and requirements of both the clients and team members to ensure everyone is on the same page. It should be able to offer useful customization options. This includes setting products, deal stages, and other relevant fields that relate to client profiles and deal details.

Seamless Data Collection:

Organizations are constantly chasing their sales teams to update CRM. Collecting data related to customer interactions should happen automatically so as not to add a burden on salespeople, but rather help them focus on their core job. The right CRM mobile app should act as a personal assistant, allowing users to collect and present data that helps them understand their clients better as well as discover weak spots and areas where they can improve their approach and increase efforts.

These features can sum up a good CRM app that not only increases but sustains a good sales track record. If this is what you are looking for then the Digiteam – SalesARM app may be just the exact CRM mobile app for your business. With unique features such as the ability to scan business cards and extract information from them, set reminders to follow up on pending tasks and orders, offer recommendations based on importance and an internal chat system that helps team members stay connected. These features and much more may be why Digiteam – SalesARM is the preferred CRM app for many small to medium size businesses.

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