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How can I make my team use CRM apps? – Adoption techniques

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You have finally decided to incorporate an effective CRM app within your company. You’ve had a look at a few options and know what you are going to do. You decide to proceed, implement the system throughout the business, have it set up on your team’s devices and announce the new development. You’re currently waiting to see the results you’ve read so much about. A week passes by and then a month but no change has happened. If anything, there seems to be a reluctance to adopt along with mismanagement of the software and it seems like your efforts are in vain. It seems like perhaps your team has problems adopting the CRM that you were so proud of. Here are a few pointers on how to encourage your team to use a new CRM app.

1. Professional training:

Hire a professional who has prior experience with your CRM and have them train the team. At a later stage, you may want to employ a Project Manager who will be thoroughly trained and be able to respond to any doubts or problems the team may face once the trainer has left. Make sure you get all who are going to use your CRM are included in a training course. There shouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t make it to these sessions. This way, the team can work as one without too many problems from lack of understanding how the system works.

2. Bespoke services:

Make sure the CRM is designed to suit your business practices and to help improve it. Each business has certain unique and general aspects. Make sure the CRM matches the business needs. You must also know how your team works to facilitate a smooth adoption of the CRM. The CRM app must also come with proper guidelines and troubleshooting.

3. Clean start up:

All company data that goes into the new CRM will have to be tidied up, organised and uploaded. It is also necessary to implement access levels at this stage so the right employees have access to the right data. This makes sure that reports, metrics and results are clean and correct as well. A good data management strategy needs to be put in place to ensure this.

4. Rewarding good usage:

Once you’ve got your CRM app accustomed with the team, it is a highly effective idea to incentivise the regular usage of and input of data into the system. This encourages usage and allows for a better, more responsive system. It may also be necessary to monitor usage for any discrepancies and to make sure team members are not exploiting the system by simply entering scripted data without making any action on them. This will allow your company to promote and prioritize performing employees and focus on helping and assisting those who are falling behind.

5. The right attitude:

Through it all, it is important to maintain a helpful nurturing attitude. One that educates and empowers your staff so they will not only learn how to use the CRM app but be compelled to use it to improve upon procedures, practices and more.

It is important to make sure you don’t rush the implementation of a CRM within your business. You will need to have a plan, and realistic expectations. Follow these tried and true steps and your sales team will begin showing results and profits gradually but consistently. If you want to implement a thorough and malleable CRM app into your business, look no further than Digiteam – SalesARM, a robust and effective CRM that has several features that are sure to aid your business. Send us a message today and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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