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How a mobile CRM app can help you save time and make money

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Small to medium sized businesses are some of the most creative and fast-paced sectors of an economy, creating unique solutions that generally cater to niche markets and much more. An integral part of running an effective business is an effective sales and customer relations strategy. To implement and run such strategies requires a powerful and mobile CRM app or program. Given the speed and intensity at which business is conducted these days, one would expect their CRM to be as mobile as they are. This explains the rise of CRM apps. Since your phone goes wherever you go, it makes sense having a CRM app that comes along with you and your business.

A powerful CRM can handle multiple tasks. and here’s a brief overview of how an app can help you save time and make money:

1. Following up on opportunities

Generating sales and tracking deals through the sales pipeline can be a pretty difficult task and important details or information can accidentally get overlooked. Mobile CRM apps allow you to track your sales pipeline every step of the way. And those that send notifications and/or reminders for you to take action on important tasks mean that missed tasks become a thing of the past.

2. Effective Collaboration

Keeping track of each conversation you have with each client is time consuming. Factor in the work of your colleagues and you’ve got a potential communications mess without a proper organizational system in place. Whether it’s keeping notes on your clients all in one easy to access place for you and your colleagues, or having an intranet chat system that helps you stay in touch in an effective manner, Team collaboration is essential for business growth and a mobile CRM app can help you achieve this effortlessly.

3. Reduced administrative work

One of the biggest time consumers in business is administrative work. When significant time is spent sorting out papers, documents, spreadsheets and so on, you’re wasting valuable time that could instead be spent chasing down leads and generating sales. A useful CRM helps cuts down on the administrative work by sorting through it automatically and meaning you can review at a time you see fit.

4. Integrated solutions

With a balanced CRM you can integrate many of your sales functions, procedures and actions into a single platform. You no longer have to use multiple programs or software with different licenses. Most of, or all, your day-to-day work such as sending documents to the back office for processing deals, can be consolidated into an effective CRM. This not only saves you money in the long run but also saves on time as you don’t have to needlessly switch between various programs that often come with competing features and limited services.

5. Continuous Optimization

A potent CRM is able to read through all your data and optimize it according to your business needs and requirements. This includes the ability to scan through your client list and suggest those that will allow you to maximize your revenue. Proper optimization allows you to focus on what’s important, leaving out all the extraneous aspects of the business, saving you time and money in the process.

All-in-all, an effective mobile CRM app is one that combines the efforts and resources of a business in order to give clarity on optimal actions with ease and speed. The Digiteam – SalesARM CRM app is a perfect fit for small to medium sized businesses on the go. Installed onto your mobile phone, it goes where you go and is capable of many features such as setting tasks, tracking achievements against goals, forecasting business performance with live deal pipelines and much more. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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