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CRM adoption – overcoming myths and challenges

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Embedding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into businesses has historically received resistance from sales teams making it a challenge to implement any new CRM practices into the workplace. But are there any facts behind these challenges against CRM adoption? Let’s run through a series of arguments levelled against CRM and how true they are.

“It’s confusing”

Far too many salespeople have made the statement that using CRM software requires a lot of training and knowledge. They say that learning how to use the program takes up time they should be using to do their jobs. While there is truth in that statement, consider this: How long did it take you to learn how to use your computer or smartphone? Not too long but now you probably can’t live without it. The same applies for CRM software and digital sales assistants.

“It’s complicated”

Why do we need to change? Why can’t we just collect business cards and record everything on a spreadsheet? This sounds reasonable until you realize that digitizing your work is just as easy and makes it far more effective as you will have access to all your data, leads, contacts etc anywhere and everywhere. So long as you have your digital sales assistant on your phone, you’re good to go. No more having to remember dozens of tasks, store multiple contacts in multiple locations, checking on the status of others by interrupting their workflow. With efficient mobile sales software like a CRM app, you’ll be able to multi-task and get so much more done in much less time.

“It’s not private”

Many sales people consider their work, contacts, leads and data to be their personal source of success. This is perhaps one of the biggest objections you will face from you team on the subject of CRM adoption. Sharing this information on software that’s shared with others might be considered a danger to some. They may feel their data is at risk of being stolen, copied or used without permission. However, think of whether being protective over your data leads you to perform better if it means having to manually handle them all? No. If you have a mobile sales assistant that is cloud based, safe and secure and you can rest assured that your data is yours and won’t be shared without your permission.

“I feel like I’m being watched”

Working with a digital sales assistant like Digiteam – SalesARM might seem like you’re spending more time recording your daily activities for a manager to review rather than helping you reach your quotas. It is true that a centralized source of data and activities does help streamline each and every employee and task but yes sometimes It can feel like you’re being micro-managed. However, there have been studies that prove those sales teams that adopt a CRM enjoy better communication between sales reps and managers. Good communications is a pillar of any successful business.

In conclusion, an effective and thorough CRM, introduced with proper training, can help you overcome issues with CRM adoption and grow your margins and business in leaps and bounds. So put aside all those ideas you may have had on how CRM is not your cup of tea. Call one of our Digiteam – SalesARM CRM team and we can have a talk over how to take your sales performance to the next level.

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