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Comparing Excel spreadsheets with a CRM app

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The transition from analogue to digital has been rapid over the last decade with the internet and computing taking over nearly all day-to-day activities of a business. With this shift came a wave of programs and applications that allow employees and business owners to conduct business on the move, using highly specialized tools and preparing in-depth reports and insights.

During this change, there are still some companies and staffers who adhere strictly to older systems such as excel sheet, considering them to be more established than newer technology. Customer Relationship Management or CRM has become a pivotal part of any business and with it comes the need to catalogue and manage large amounts of data and draw from it when and however necessary. Therefore, CRM software is taking over the way many companies conduct business. Below you can find out how working with an Excel spreadsheet compares with working with a CRM app.


Excel- All your content, data, your messages and other aspects of the business lie in different sections that need to be manually brought together. You will have to manually port information from one sheet to another.

CRM- When using an effective CRM, your data, communications, automations and other sections of the business can seamlessly work with one another in harmony without the need to resort to separate and individual files, procedures and platforms.


Excel- Data on excel spreadsheets can look intimidating and confusing to those who aren’t acquainted with the program. Consisting mainly of cell blocks, figures and very straight-forward reporting tools, information cannot be portrayed in an easily digestible manner.

CRM- Several apps have effective reporting features that automatically create detailed and visually appealing graphs, charts, diagrams and more. It can also compare data between different sections of the business to help understand the business needs and problems more effectively.


Excel- With excel sheets, all your data is stored on singular files. These files cannot be edited by multiple individuals without there being discrepancies. Your data cannot be accessed across devices without a complicated procedure that ensures no duplicates are made or important data doesn’t get overwritten. It may be the case that you want to only share relevant data with relevant members of the company. With an excel sheet, this means creating several copies with repeated information and a lot of other complications.

CRM- As your data is stored in the cloud, it will be readily accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and your phone, if you’re dealing with a CRM app. Cloud-based data is able to be edited in real-time. Which means you and a colleague or your employees can see the same document, make changes to it and see what others viewing the document at the time are also doing. A good CRM will also allow you to set levels so as to control who has access to what data from the company.

These are just a few of the features that a business runs with and it is plain to see that a CRM app outshines using excel spreadsheets each and every time. Switching to a CRM is not difficult and given just a little time and effort, your business can start to grow and multiply at a steady and measurable rate. To see how a feature rich and customizable CRM app can change your business, why not download Digiteam – SalesARM, a secure and reliable CRM sales app.

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