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Benefits of a CRM

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Customer Relationship Management is a key element to any business sales team. A successful business is one that generates a healthy profit. This requires a sales team to be able to find and convert any leads into closed deals wherever possible.

An important factor in making these conversions happen is a responsive and adaptable mobile sales assistant or mobile CRM app. The use of a mobile version rather than a program on a computer is because of the mobility it gives your sales team. With a good CRM app, you no longer will be tied down to one location and can be on the move all the time.

So what are the benefits of a CRM program, especially a mobile CRM app?


A mobile CRM app allows sales teams to consolidate all their contacts, progress and general data into a singular location. Cloud-based technology is being adopted around the business world at a fast rate. With faster net speeds and powerful smart phones, it is now a lot more easy and effective to carry your business with you wherever you go.


Working on good relationships include strong and meaningful communications. A powerfully built mobile sales assistant will allow you to keep in touch with your team/colleagues/employees in a structured and properly recorded manner. All communications can take place through a single platform rather than being spread across emails, text, instant messages etc.

Customer Satisfaction

A portable and capable CRM app allows sales teams to respond quicker to customer queries, concerns and suggestions. It allows you to keep track of customers and where they stand in your sales pipeline. More importantly, you can remember when you talked or met last time and what you said so you can easily pick up where you left off. In doing so, you increase customer satisfaction and in turn, sales. A satisfied contact is a step towards converting the lead into a loyal customer.


With a single program or app to assist your sales team, it is easy to be able to standardize all procedures as well as measure individual and group results. With more accuracy than through conventional methods, you will be able to promote those who exceed expectations, coach those who are lagging and keep an eye out on the general health of your sales team and their performance.

Increased Sales

All these benefits add up and lead to companies generating much more sales than before they began to incorporate CRM technology, especially mobile CRM app technology into their business. With a wealth of information available to the sales team at any given time and place, it makes achieving goals and targets a lot less taxing.

These are some of the benefits of incorporating a robust mobile CRM app into your company. Digiteam – SalesARM is one such app, with a multitude of customizable and useful features such as scanning business cards to gather information, automatic activity recommendations and a chat feature to keep in touch with your team. Why not bring in the power and sophistication of Digiteam – SalesARM into your business and watch your sales team grow and thrive?

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