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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Pipeline

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A company’s sales pipeline is a key element of its sales activity. Its effectiveness determines how well the sales team can plan ahead. Currently the best sales pipeline apps in the market have several methods of improving your sales performance. Let’s look at how a mobile crm app can help improve sales pipeline performance. But first, let’s understand exactly what a sales pipeline is.

A sales pipeline is the visual representation of a company’s purchasing process. It gives an overview of where a sales executive stands in reaching their quota, their performance forecast and other such details.

Sales pipelines consist of several steps from start to finish. Steps such as

  • Seeking clients
  • Checking necessary criteria
  • Make an offer
  • Lead to a conclusion
  • Repeat the process

These basic steps ensure a sales team is always clear on where they stand with regards to their performance. Once a sales team have set up their sales pipeline, here are a few ways they can go about improving it using a mobile crm app.

Speed up each stage with the right techniques

It is important to understand the journey a client makes through the pipeline. Recognising areas where they get stuck or drop off. A leaky pipeline is a bad state for your sales process. Your stage speed or velocity is the average amount of time a client spends on each stage of the pipeline. Once you improve your sales velocity by fixing any issues with the pipeline journey, you can start to see more business pass through it.

Dive into sales metrics

Qualitative data might be useful in specific scenarios but chances are, a direct and straightforward quantitative dataset is more likely to give you better insight and result in more guaranteed results. Collecting the right data is top priority. Of course, good quality data is better than a large quantity of low quality data which is why management must always be willing to sift through and sort out company sales data using your mobile crm app and other software.

Grow your conversion rates

From understanding what attracts your clients to enter your sales funnel to experimenting with multiple measures and trying out the ones that have proven to be effective. Try and increase the number of prospects that will fall through into your sales funnel. This brings us to the next point to consider.

Keep revising your pipeline

Never assume you’ve found the perfect formula and keep repeating it. Even the best sales pipeline apps can begin to leak if not given regular attention. Clients and the market is incredibly competitive and dynamic. Things, people, processes and many other elements keep changing. Just when you think you’ve hit the sweet spot, you may realize it’s too late. This is why it is necessary to keep reviewing your sales pipeline. Fix any leaks, retest any stages that were ok in the past and always get input from the team when doing so. This can involve ensuring your pipeline remains fresh with new leads being fed in, removing stale and dead leads but not before investigating what were the causes behind their dropout. And finally maintaining present leads by leading them up the sales pipeline.

Let’s all be realistic

It is very frustrating to have a prospect go through most of your pipeline only to drop off at the last moment due to inexplicable reasons. The reality is that a percentage of the opportunities in your sales funnel are well out of your control zone. The best way to deal with such issues is to always hold realistic expectations on performance. Research the quality of leads and only focus on the most promising ones.

Follow these simple steps and your sales pipeline will be a well-oiled machine churning out regular and calculated results. A sales pipeline is the lifeline of any business and if those in charge of the pipeline regularly update and maintain it, they will be able to stay afloat or even soar economic skies. A mobile crm app such as Digiteam – SalesARM can help you establish such a sales pipeline with its monthly sales goal tracker. To find out more about how Digiteam – SalesARM can bring your business out of the doldrums, send us a message and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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