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5 customers you ignored but should not be ignoring

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Every sales team has a customer base at which all their efforts are targeted. These customers are grouped into various groups that allow sales teams to deliver specific and unique campaigns that lead to more effective results. When working on a sales campaign, there are certain customer groups that tend to be avoided because of a lack in positive responses. Sometimes it just takes too long to build a relationship with some of these customers and so the sales team and their plans tend to ignore these customer groups and place their focus elsewhere.
However, a smart business always breaks the mould, it doesn’t follow the herd and finds success in new places. This is why you must not leave out certain customer groups just as the rest of the industry does. Here are a few customer groups, why they are generally avoided and what can be done to turn their negative response into a positive one.

1. Undecided customers

These are the ones who come across as very interested in the beginning, filling forms, asking questions and negotiating. Only to drop out in the end and not return. In such scenarios, it can be quite frustrating for a sales rep who spent time and effort to build a relationship only to see it disappear in the end. However, with an effective CRM app, you can retain all the info you have garnered from the customer and perhaps after a reasonable amount of time, retarget them again. Your response may be different the second time.

2. Drop out customers

These are the kind of customers that get everything in place, set meetings and appointments and then never show up. When this happens once, it is permissible, however if it keeps occurring again and again, you may want to note down the customer to inform others in your team of their habit.

3. Employment customer

These are not actually customers but pretend to be one just to get close to your business and offer their services to you instead. While their efforts may have wasted valuable time, it is good to provide advice before directing them to the relevant teams to address.

4. Freebie customers

These customers come running when there’s a something to gain for free out of the relationship. They are the kind who will ask for all sorts of details and then use that information to bargain with competitors. When this happens, you may want to selectively give out information and play it careful so that the customer doesn’t get away with too much. You can keep track of what was shared using an effective CRM app.

5. Playing Boss customer

These customers pretend to hold high positions and decision-making powers at their businesses but end up having neither. It is important to investigate who it is you are dealing with when following a lead. If necessary, add the lead to your contacts to help build a better understanding of the company for future references.

As you’ve just read, there is always something to be gained from leads or customers even if the reaction at first is negative. With the help of team work, thorough notes and a consistent follow-up plan, you can turn difficult customers into winning clients. One of the best ways to achieve such results is through the use of an effective CRM app that can allow you to track, note and follow up on all your leads properly. Digiteam – SalesARM has an effective feature that recommends the most relevant and urgent leads to your sales team and allows you to set up importance levels on your entire customer base. It can also send you helpful reminders to follow up on leads that have been dropped or ignored in the past. Why not give Digiteam – SalesARM a try with your business now?

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